This update is just to say that excitement is back in the air for Knotty Boards.  With my first board being built (actually it is already cut, shaped and sanded with artwork already planned) I am ready to move.  The second step is creating other products to have ready and on the site as well.

I have made a couple recent purchases and will (at least in the beginning) be doing all the work myself.  This is a daunting task considering my current job has not slowed down at all, but I am excited.  I am not expecting this to blow up all at once.  It has taken me over a year to get to the point I am at now and I am not foolish enough to think that I'll hit it big right off the bat.

My goal is to have the site completely functional on January 1st, 2013 with a limited amount of products up: Hopefully a couple of pre-built decks, t-shirts, and maybe a customization order category.

All that being said, this is still just a side project.  I welcome anyone to contact me if they are interested in a board being built, but please keep this in mind, everything is hand-built, and I cannot turn something around in a week, it will generally take time based on your request and volume already in ...

Hmmm, but blog is becoming more sales-like and less blog-like so I'll end it hear.  Email me if you are interested in anything.

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