I wanted to add picture to this blog to show off the newest long board that has been completed, but those pictures will have to wait a month as the board is a present for a friends son for Christmas.  It's unlikely that he would ever see it, but that path exists and I would hate to ruin that surprise.

Either way, I am VERY happy with the first board created for something other than fun.  One of the exciting parts about it, is that as happy as I am or as my wife is with the work, you never really know how other people will like it.  Yesterday I had to stop by a local skate shop to pick up risers for the trucks and when the shop owner asked what I was using them on I told him and he said he wanted to see it.  I brought the board in and he was thoroughly impressed.  He also gave me a lot of good (and I mean that, much advice is unwanted) advice.  It was very positive and constructive and he even offered up anything he could to help get started (at a cost, of course :) ). 

I already have another "customer" interested in a board and already have ideas to get it started.  I might open up a portion of my website for board requests before January 1st, that way I can take in orders for actual boards and have ideas ready for when business actually starts on January 1st. 

The next couple months and longer are going to be very busy.  My current job just keeps getting busier and busier and adding this on top of everything is tough,  The great part is that this extra work is fun and I enjoy it.  It gives me hope for a fun future! :)

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