Unfortunately the past couple weeks have been completely unproductive.  I did complete my publishing in Santa Clara County and the name Knotty Boards is mine!  But I didn't really complete anything, it just happened automatically.  The main cause of these delays has been my regular job.

One of the other escrow officers in the office put in her two week notice and here last day was 8/24.  Considering the fact that I was already working massive amounts of overtime to begin her recent departure has had me working from 6:00 AM to 6-7:00 PM the past week.  Not much fun, and leaving me no time to do any work on the skateboards.

I guess there's not a whole lot to add to this post, just an update for anyone paying attention.  I hope to get some work done in the near future, but next weekend I am in Los Angeles running a half marathon, so it will likely be after than.  But we'll see if I can maybe get a day after work to head into the tech shop.

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