OK, so I tempted you a couple weeks ago with news that I wasn't ready to announce.  But now is the time!

After discussing how everything would work, Knotty Boards will be teaming up with Umpqua Bank and be featured in their local spotlight program at their new store in San Jose!  Knotty Boards will have boards on display in the lobby which are not just for show.  All items on display are available for purchase at the bank store, just ask your friends teller!

There are so many reason why this exciting that it's hard to pick even a couple out.  Mainly Katie and I are incredibly happy to be able to get Knotty Boards out and in the community.  Starting a business is hard but I have found it is even harder to market yourself when you work out of your home.  Umpqua Bank has provided us with an amazing opportunity to have our boards seen be the community.

Those of your who have heard of or bank with Umpqua have heard them say before that they are the worlds greatest bank, and I have to say my experiences with them have support that claim.  When you stop by to check out Knotty Boards, make sure you check them out for your banking needs as well.

In addition to the boards being on display, expect to hear of events that Umpqua and Knotty Boards will put together where you can see work being done and ask questions of the owners (Justin and Katie).

I expect things will start getting busy, which makes me nervous.  It makes me question how ready I am, how ready Knotty Boards is ... but when I feel myself getting nervous I just remind myself that this is what we want.  If things get busy we will be ready and work hard to get everything done. You can't start something like this without putting in a lot of are work and effort!

Thank you friends and family for your support.  Things look like they are taking off!  The last thing to mention is that Knotty Boards is doing a free board giveaway!  All you have to do is fill out a short survey and you are entered to win.  Visited www.knottyboards.com for more details! :)