I have hinted at a few things over the past couple days that big things were going to be happening with the Knotty Boards small business, and they are ... but I am still only hinting.  One or two additional details to iron out and I'll be able to spill all the beans.

This is coming at a great time.  With all the rush in December and January to get the website up and running I have been a little too relaxed going into February, but now I have reason to get my butt back in gear and start getting this ready for the 2nd quarter!  Expect to see Knotty Boards start becoming more visible and available!

Feel free to stop by www.knottyboards.com a leave us some comments or questions.  We always enjoy hearing what people are saying or thinking about our work!

Thank you all and I look forward to tell you all soon what we've got in the works!