I probably won't write too much on this, but I am adding this blog post while sitting at the Tech Shop in San Jose.  I came in around 11:45 AM and it's now 1:30 PM.  I have done little to know work in the wood shop ... why, you ask?  Because they are teaching a basic wood shop class and my orbital sander is too loud for the class.  It would have been nice if the instructor had asked me nicely if I could hold off until the end of the class (a paid, but I would understand).  Instead, he had the class take a brake and had another employee come in and ask me to stop.  That was annoying, I made it clear that I was annoyed.

I was told I could use the main work shop area instead of the wood shop to do my sanding, but as I moved my stuff to the main area I found that this would not work.  While I COULD do it, I'd be more of a dick out there where there are multiple people quietly discussing plans or working quietly on computers.  How jarring would that be to have some dude come out and sand for 45 minutes to an hour.  So I definitely bitched about it to the people at the shop.  I understand that the class needs to be taught and that my work was likely distracting.  However, it would have been nice to know that prior to being told to leave.  Maybe they even make that part of the class.  Because had I known, I would have checked the class times online and planned accordingly.

Instead I am sitting at a computer, wasting time until I can finally do some work.  One thing I want to make clear is I am not blaming the Tech Shop for asking me to stop my work, of for not having a seconding space that could be adequately use for the type of work I need to do.  What I am angry about is wasting 2 hours of my time on something I could have been told about prior to this, and that every person who joins the Tech Shop should know: YOU CANNOT WORK WHEN A CLASS IS GOING ON ... at least not the type of work I need to do that is prolonged and loud.

I almost just went home, but then I'd be totally out of luck.  Wasted time and nothing to show for it.  I think even with the two hour delay I can still at least finish sanding my blood wood board.  It's a lot less work than I had planned on doing, but at least I'll have that in line for art, sealing and grip tape once that sanding has settled.

I guess that's all for now.  The class is running late, so

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